At Regency International, we understand that the protection and financial security of your family is your primary concern, which is why we offer a range of personal insurance solutions.

Protect your family

It takes just one second to realise how your ability to provide money for your family can be completely curtailed or prevented by injury, illness, loss of work, retirement or worse. Just by planning for this possible eventuality will ensure that your household will receive an income despite any unfortunate situation.

We work with several well established and well known life insurance companies and our consultants will be happy to speak with you, understand your situation and provide you with complementary quotations

Protect your Mortgage

Anyone who has an existing mortgage or who is thinking of starting one, can also speak to Regency International to see what insurance options are available, so your loved ones do not struggle to cope after unforeseen circumstances.Knock Off watches

Prepare for future

Some countries have death duties or inheritance tax and its almost certain that your own country will require their “pound of flesh”. Speaking to us can help mitigate these or any related issues.replicauhr
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