“An expatriate is risking their health, their savings, their job and the stability of their life abroad, including the welfare of their family without international private medical insurance in place,” Stephen Guess, Owner & Director of Regency International.

Why use a broker?

  • Medical Insurance is the first step towards protecting yourself and your family. Regency have over 25 years combined experience in dealing with Insurance Companies who operate in Asia and throughout the world.
  • We base our recommendations on your particular situation and your needs.
  • We know how all these providers operate and we understand this complicated subject. If needed we can also assist you in dealing with the insurance company.

Characteristics of our Industry Partners

  • We recommend Community Risk Insurance Policies and rarely recommend Individual Risk Policies.
  • We ensure our international partners offer adequate insurance cover (ie in excess of $500K) with most around $1m.
  • High levels of service and companies which step up during emergencies.
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Consultation and Quotes

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