Investment Savings

"Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing." Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Organising your finances

“The earlier you plan, the earlier you feel secure.”Jack Ma, formerly Executive Chairman of Alibaba Holdings Group

At Regency International we have seen it all before and we know that the majority of people can benefit from some help and advice with their financial organisation. That is why all our consultants are happy to agree to an informal complementary chat, to ascertain whether we can help (or not).

Regular Saving

“A penny saved is a penny earned” Benjamin Franklin, US President

“Its is never too early to start saving, and it is a discipline we all need to master for our personal and our family’s future benefit!” Stephen Guess, Owner & Director of Regency International

Regency International offer a range of regular savings plans tailored to your individual needs, whether they are for education fee planning, retirement or just saving for that something special.

Lump Sum Investments

Many people we meet, who have lump sums leave this money standing idle in their bank accounts. However Regency International can help you with a range of diverse, innovative and exciting solutions that will ensure you make better use of what you have.

We understand that most people’s attitudes to investments change depending on many factors, including age, culture, where they are and where they will end up, attitude to risk or the current markets, Bear or Bull.

At Regency International our consultants can introduce you to personal portfolio bonds, platforms, corporate bonds, loan notes, UCITs, unit trusts, mutual funds and structured products. Our philosophy hinges on recommending what is right for you based on an initial complementary financial audit and then remaining available to our investors so we can help you react to any situation which might arise.
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