Corporate Services

An average of eight days per employee is lost every year due to illness in the UK.

Points to Consider

  • What standard of care do you want to provide for your employees.
  • Do you wish to cover the dependents of your employees.
  • What policy will give you the best cover for your budget.

Company Pension Scheme

In our experience, all employees value a company pension scheme and we can advise you on how to start a scheme which will not only fits your requirements but also offer your staff something they will value.

Business Protection

Key Man Insurance
Does your company have a person or persons whose sudden loss would cause financial stress to the company. Regency International can offer YOU advice on how you can protect your company against this scenario.

Business Director, Shareholder or Partnership Assurance
If you or one of your fellow shareholders or partners died. How would your business be impacted if their beneficiary suddenly got involved? There are solutions and our consultants will be happy to discuss these with you.replica watches womens

Loan Assurance/Protection
If your company has a loan and you are acting as guarantor, we would recommend you should have life cover to protect the company and your family.
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