Our Consultants

Rupert Dean
Ho Chi Minh City
Rupert has lived and worked overseas since 1980s in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. For most of that time he worked as a Director in the agricultural and tourism industries in the areas of marketing, business, sales, investment, wine production and journalism. In 1997, he graduated with a Masters Degree from University of Adelaide before working for Australian, German, Austrian, Italian and Greek wine producers as well as having over 400 articles published and launching several successful FMCG brands in Europe. He has been a regular speaker at marketing and business conferences in China, Hong Kong, NZ and Australia. He has appeared on TV in Shanghai, Adelaide and Italy. During his employment breaks, he has also worked as a volunteer in the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Peruvian Amazon, also in Addis Abba, Ethiopia and in Nagaland, NE India.

During all these postings he regularly swapped his medical insurance provider and ignored offers of financial advice. After years of self insuring and witnessing his financial investments deteriorate he decided to change career and tackle these issues head-on. Consequently in 2017, he joined Regency International in Vietnam to concentrate on improving his insurance and financial knowledge so he could deliver sound, reliable independent broking and financial advice to others, helping them avoid the same mistakes.

Rupert is also a keen published wildlife and tribal photographer with four international exhibitions. Rupert continues to write for magazines in Asia & Europe and is involved with a charity in HCMC called “Small Change”.