Our Consultants

Neil Crossland
Ho Chi Minh City
Neil Crossland is a successful financial planning professional and entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience working with individuals and corporate clients in the investment and insurance industry in the UK, Middle East & South East Asia.

Over the years he has developed a successful strategy seeking to solve clients challenges through logical and achievable solutions. He has worked diligently to conclude business with clients from different cultural backgrounds developing long term relationships with them.

Neil provides an alternative to wealth advisors and financial salespeople who too often put their own interests ahead of their clients. He endeavours to provide comprehensive financial advice tailored to individual situations and goals. Concurrently Neil spends his time training in the fitness and martial arts arena where he has studied a number of the arts. Over the last 20 years Neil has developed a system of combining martial arts together with fitness training which he calls CFP, Combative Fitness Program. This can be defined as a more proactive and preemptive approach to self-protection. Subsequently, when Neil started training others he understood the importance of goal setting to achieve the results his students desired.

After devising this philosophy, Neil soon concluded that this philosophy was equally suited to helping his professional clients in financial services. Consequently by adopting this approach, Neil initially identifies clients’ needs and wants, and then ensures that he provides the correct solutions his clients want. This strategy has resulted in a group of loyal and trustworthy clients.